OK Ladies Now Let’s Get REFORMATION

More and more business are going Green in different ways.

REFORMATION is an LA based clothing company dedicated to sustainable fabrics and manufacture. (Their clothes are also super cute).

But what brings me here today is their customer education side. In addition to their clothes, they offer advice on better practices for laundering and caring for ALL of your clothes.

I highly recommend their Wash Smart page, which offers useful tips on how to keep your clothes clean and fine while lowering your carbon footprint. (JJK User tip: the Jeans-in-the-Freezer trick also works for old shoes: wrap those baddies in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight to kill bacteria and odors).


To wash and dry smarter and greener, turn to page 72.

How Do You Sleep at Night Pt. 2

Last week our new EcoTerra Mattress and Brayden Studio bed frame arrived.

Here’s the bedframe, assembled.Bedframe1

And here’s the mattress roll out…

So smooth! Like a Butterfly!

After one week, Lovah says “I sleep like I’ve got a whole bed to myself!” Stay tuned for her full report…

One great reason for EcoTerra mattresses: 90 Day trial with Free Return! Buying a mattress online can be iffy, but knowing we can send it back if it doesn’t work for us is great. (Check out Part I for “why we bought an EcoTerra”)

BUT JOHN: How Do you get Rid of your OLD Mattress in a Responsible Way?

Throwing out a mattress is a HUGE WASTE. It takes up valuable landfill space, when much of the materials can be reused (not to mention the need of good mattresses in so many shelters locally).

The State of MA has some great options to suggest for mattress recycling.

We went with Mattress Disposal Plus, who picks up your furniture and recycles it and/or donates locally. (There are many donation centers in MA, but getting a mattress there with no car is tricky!).

MDP was affordable ($190 to take our box spring, mattress, and old bed frame) and incredibly easy: quick application online, and they picked it up the next morning. The staff were incredibly fast and friendly – arrived on time and were done with our things within 3 minutes.


To keep contributing to landfill waste despite your knowledge of its horrors, turn to page 17.
To join the ranks of those building a new exciting green economy, turn to page 33.

When Will Your Home be Underwater?

OK Forget about rising temperatures and species going extinct and Miami. I’m here today to help YOU, my fellow Bostonians, answer the most pressing question: at which point will I have to swim upon leaving my front door?

Friends, the answer is here. FloodMap.net shows you the Sea Level Rise impact on the world with Google Street Map-level detail. Just type in your location and adjust the water-level elevation to your heart’s delight.

My home with Lovah? We’ll be underwater at 10 meters (30 feet) of SLR. Luckily that’s far enough off that we’ll probably be dead.


BE WARNED… this map only accounts for SLR, and does not factor in storm surges and flooding caused by increasingly extreme precipitation and storms. Be sure to factor such considerations before buying or signing on for a 30-year mortgage.

To buy a new home on Southie Island, turn to page 28.
To invest in a luxury condo above the 3rd floor of a building, turn to page 65.

Another Brick in the Wall

The City of Boston has done thorough research into the impacts of sea level rise, storm surge, and flooding will have on the city and are in the process of exploring adaptations that will stave off the worst for the foreseeable future.

A team of scientists and city planners have been tasked with putting together a plan for a Sea Wall, that would stretch across the mouth of the Harbor (potentially from Lynn to Hull) and possibly in between the Harbor Islands, to mitigate the worst impacts in the case of another Hurricane Sandy-like event. (Hurrican Sandy missed Boston’s high tide by mere hours; a high-tide arrival would have seen New York-Level flooding in the Seaport district and many other parts of Greater Boston. Timing is everything).

On May 19th I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the harbor with this team. They were generous with their time and insights into the problems Boston faces.

Seawall survey

Kirk Bosma of the Woods Hole Group talks shoreline with Julie Wormser of Boston Harbor Now, as Lucy A Lockwood from UMass Boston looks on.

Know a community, scientist, or activist John should speak to? Contact Me!

I hope to speak further with members of this group, and others on the frontlines in the Boston area, in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Further Reading:

To spend billions of dollars on a wall to keep immigrants out of our Southern borders, turn to page 29.
To spend millions on green infrastructure to keep our cities safe, turn to page 32.

More photos from my trip:


How Do You Sleep at Night?

3 weeks in, and this project is already impacting my personal life.

Lovah and I are buying a mattress. Lovah wants Memory Foam, or anything that will lessen the weight shifting when we move at night. But a quick bit of research discovers that all memory foam in mattresses is petroleum based.

Uh Oh.

Thankfully there are a lot of new alternatives, including mattress companies who use latex (natural and not, which can be helpful depending on your allergies) as a non-Oil alternative.

Lovah and I settled on EcoTerra. Their mattresses use all natural latex, they ship rolled up (meaning: less truck space, meaning maximum efficiency for shipping). They’re highly reviewed and our interactions with the CS reps have been great so far.

They also have a 90 day trial with free return. We’re expecting it to arrive in early June – I will report back on our sleeping success, and how our relationship handles my increasing restrictions on what we can buy…


If you’re interested in buying green, here are a few resources to check out:

* – as the Treehugger article points out, “Eco-Friendly” is all relative, and not very well regulated at this point. As always, read between the lines, consult multiple sources, and as Beyonce says: Get In Formation / Information!

To sleep cozily and restfully on the profits of pollutants, turn to page 42.
To sleep well physically and spiritually and help secure a life for your greatgrandchildren, turn to page 13.

It’s only 4 Degrees

A 2015 study found that at the current rate – the earth’s average temperature will rise 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. (That’s around 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit for you ‘Muricans.)

Scientists conservatively estimate this will lead to the death of 16% of the species currently extant on Earth.

That is 1 out of every 6 species. (It is worth noting that these numbers do not include the effects of rising sea level, and species migration – including humans – required to adjust to these temperatures and sea level rise).

In 2016, ANOHNI released HOPELESSNESS, a chamber-electronic-dance album of social protest. The record is one of my faves from 2016, and one of the most powerful songs for me is 4 Degrees. It makes me dance, it makes me happy, and it’s about blithely celebrating the burning of the earth.

This song is probably in the play. It’s heart if not it’s sound.

To adjust the Terrastat down a few degrees, turn back to page 23.
To continue with mass biocide, please turn to the next page

Earth Day, 2017

In the Cosmic way threads sometimes come together, I start this project on Earth Day: April 22, 2017. First step: buy a project notebook.

NotebookAs I peruse options at Blick Arts in the Fenway, I came across a beauty: the cover image a skull made of flora and butterflies (what better image to start with for a play about nature and possible annihilation?).

The art by Ali Gulac of Istanbul, the notebook produced by Denik, which donates profits to build schools in Guatemala.

Finding this notebook is another strand coming together: the play’s core conflict serves as a guiding Mission for the project, for the creation of the play itself. I bought the notebook, a pair of pens made of recycled materials, and sketched out the following:

MARTHA’s (B)RAINSTORM is about the need for full community buy-in to hold back climate change. Every piece of the project should fall in line. Project Goals and Mission:

  1. Process and Materials:
    • Rely on Recycled Materials. No Plastics, No Petroleum-based products.
    • Green Script Practices
      • What is the most responsible way to produce rehearsal pages?
      • Recycled pages? UpCycle: props, puppets, waves made of paper?
      • No Paper Programs
    • Maximize Re-Use and Community
      • Vendors who support community or give back
      • Local Focus
  2. Community: Involvement & Resources
    • Project = Bullhorn:
      • Provide platforms for community organizers and scientists to share work
      • Provide platform for local communities to express concerns
    • Activate through the Project:
      • Community events where entry requires writing postcards to Representatives
    • Project = How To Manual for other theatres to produce Green
      • Transparency about goals, struggles, failures, lessons
  3. Full Inclusion:
    • Solving this problem takes ALL PEOPLE. Play & Process must represent that.
    • Play, Project, Lessons must be Accessible, Beautiful, Exciting.
      • Don’t Turn off through Fear or Boredom.

If you try to convince the Playwright to write another sex farce, turn to page 17.
If you tag along to see what happens to Boston in 2052, turn to page 90.