How Do You Sleep at Night Pt. 2

Last week our new EcoTerra Mattress and Brayden Studio bed frame arrived.

Here’s the bedframe, assembled.Bedframe1

And here’s the mattress roll out…

So smooth! Like a Butterfly!

After one week, Lovah says “I sleep like I’ve got a whole bed to myself!” Stay tuned for her full report…

One great reason for EcoTerra mattresses: 90 Day trial with Free Return! Buying a mattress online can be iffy, but knowing we can send it back if it doesn’t work for us is great. (Check out Part I for “why we bought an EcoTerra”)

BUT JOHN: How Do you get Rid of your OLD Mattress in a Responsible Way?

Throwing out a mattress is a HUGE WASTE. It takes up valuable landfill space, when much of the materials can be reused (not to mention the need of good mattresses in so many shelters locally).

The State of MA has some great options to suggest for mattress recycling.

We went with Mattress Disposal Plus, who picks up your furniture and recycles it and/or donates locally. (There are many donation centers in MA, but getting a mattress there with no car is tricky!).

MDP was affordable ($190 to take our box spring, mattress, and old bed frame) and incredibly easy: quick application online, and they picked it up the next morning. The staff were incredibly fast and friendly – arrived on time and were done with our things within 3 minutes.


To keep contributing to landfill waste despite your knowledge of its horrors, turn to page 17.
To join the ranks of those building a new exciting green economy, turn to page 33.

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