When Will Your Home be Underwater?

OK Forget about rising temperatures and species going extinct and Miami. I’m here today to help YOU, my fellow Bostonians, answer the most pressing question: at which point will I have to swim upon leaving my front door?

Friends, the answer is here. FloodMap.net shows you the Sea Level Rise impact on the world with Google Street Map-level detail. Just type in your location and adjust the water-level elevation to your heart’s delight.

My home with Lovah? We’ll be underwater at 10 meters (30 feet) of SLR. Luckily that’s far enough off that we’ll probably be dead.


BE WARNED… this map only accounts for SLR, and does not factor in storm surges and flooding caused by increasingly extreme precipitation and storms. Be sure to factor such considerations before buying or signing on for a 30-year mortgage.

To buy a new home on Southie Island, turn to page 28.
To invest in a luxury condo above the 3rd floor of a building, turn to page 65.

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