How Do You Sleep at Night?

3 weeks in, and this project is already impacting my personal life.

Lovah and I are buying a mattress. Lovah wants Memory Foam, or anything that will lessen the weight shifting when we move at night. But a quick bit of research discovers that all memory foam in mattresses is petroleum based.

Uh Oh.

Thankfully there are a lot of new alternatives, including mattress companies who use latex (natural and not, which can be helpful depending on your allergies) as a non-Oil alternative.

Lovah and I settled on EcoTerra. Their mattresses use all natural latex, they ship rolled up (meaning: less truck space, meaning maximum efficiency for shipping). They’re highly reviewed and our interactions with the CS reps have been great so far.

They also have a 90 day trial with free return. We’re expecting it to arrive in early June – I will report back on our sleeping success, and how our relationship handles my increasing restrictions on what we can buy…


If you’re interested in buying green, here are a few resources to check out:

* – as the Treehugger article points out, “Eco-Friendly” is all relative, and not very well regulated at this point. As always, read between the lines, consult multiple sources, and as Beyonce says: Get In Formation / Information!

To sleep cozily and restfully on the profits of pollutants, turn to page 42.
To sleep well physically and spiritually and help secure a life for your greatgrandchildren, turn to page 13.

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