It’s only 4 Degrees

A 2015 study found that at the current rate – the earth’s average temperature will rise 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. (That’s around 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit for you ‘Muricans.)

Scientists conservatively estimate this will lead to the death of 16% of the species currently extant on Earth.

That is 1 out of every 6 species. (It is worth noting that these numbers do not include the effects of rising sea level, and species migration – including humans – required to adjust to these temperatures and sea level rise).

In 2016, ANOHNI released HOPELESSNESS, a chamber-electronic-dance album of social protest. The record is one of my faves from 2016, and one of the most powerful songs for me is 4 Degrees. It makes me dance, it makes me happy, and it’s about blithely celebrating the burning of the earth.

This song is probably in the play. It’s heart if not it’s sound.

To adjust the Terrastat down a few degrees, turn back to page 23.
To continue with mass biocide, please turn to the next page

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