Earth Day, 2017

In the Cosmic way threads sometimes come together, I start this project on Earth Day: April 22, 2017. First step: buy a project notebook.

NotebookAs I peruse options at Blick Arts in the Fenway, I came across a beauty: the cover image a skull made of flora and butterflies (what better image to start with for a play about nature and possible annihilation?).

The art by Ali Gulac of Istanbul, the notebook produced by Denik, which donates profits to build schools in Guatemala.

Finding this notebook is another strand coming together: the play’s core conflict serves as a guiding Mission for the project, for the creation of the play itself. I bought the notebook, a pair of pens made of recycled materials, and sketched out the following:

MARTHA’s (B)RAINSTORM is about the need for full community buy-in to hold back climate change. Every piece of the project should fall in line. Project Goals and Mission:

  1. Process and Materials:
    • Rely on Recycled Materials. No Plastics, No Petroleum-based products.
    • Green Script Practices
      • What is the most responsible way to produce rehearsal pages?
      • Recycled pages? UpCycle: props, puppets, waves made of paper?
      • No Paper Programs
    • Maximize Re-Use and Community
      • Vendors who support community or give back
      • Local Focus
  2. Community: Involvement & Resources
    • Project = Bullhorn:
      • Provide platforms for community organizers and scientists to share work
      • Provide platform for local communities to express concerns
    • Activate through the Project:
      • Community events where entry requires writing postcards to Representatives
    • Project = How To Manual for other theatres to produce Green
      • Transparency about goals, struggles, failures, lessons
  3. Full Inclusion:
    • Solving this problem takes ALL PEOPLE. Play & Process must represent that.
    • Play, Project, Lessons must be Accessible, Beautiful, Exciting.
      • Don’t Turn off through Fear or Boredom.

If you try to convince the Playwright to write another sex farce, turn to page 17.
If you tag along to see what happens to Boston in 2052, turn to page 90.