Welcome to the online home of Martha’s (b)Rainstorm, a new play by John J King, in development with Fresh Ink Theatre in collaboration with the Playwright in Residence project at the Boston Public Library.


Boston, 2052. Rising sea levels have turned the city into New England’s own Venice and Bostonians have adapted with duck boats, bike-skis, and other amphibious machines. But the heart of the city remains: the population doubles in September, and the MBTA and the Yankees still suck. While New England is caught in a years-long drought, eco-scientist Martha wants to make it rain, but she will need help from scientists, her neighbors, the sea creatures who now make up part of the city’s population, and from YOU!

Martha’s (b)Rainstorm is a Choose Your Own Future Play where YOU decide what Martha does next, and the audience vote determines Martha’s fate – and our own.